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Komárom topping out ceremony

A classical topping out was organised on 4 May at the location of Alumetal Group’s new Komárom subsidiary, in the present of numerous guests.
There are three important milestones in the unfolding of a new building: ground- breaking, topping out, and handover. The industry’s tradition of holding a topping out ceremony with stakeholders goes back to 14-century Germany. We have adhered to this nice custom in Komárom where one of the world’s most modern aluminium recycling plants is getting into shape.
The speeches at the event were given by Józef Mlocek, CEO of Alumetal Group Hungary Kft., Weinberg corporate manager Sándor Bodnár, Komárom mayor Dr Attila Molnár, and government commissioner Dr Csaba Kancz. Mr Mlocek praised the fact that a mere 6 months from ground-breaking construction works have come thus far as he thanked the efforts of the professional execution team.
The production building and service areas belonging to this greenfield investment cover a ground area of close to 24 thousand square metres. Production is scheduled to start with 150 employees late this year. Thanks to the most up-to-date production technology the output of this plant will exceed the quantity of 50 thousand tons. This Hungarian plant is the first foreign investment of Alumetal Group which has three productive locations in their native Poland. The fourth largest European aluminium company mostly delivers their products to the car industry.
The event’s last item was a dinner given in recognition of the high-quality relentless work of all contributors.
This topping out event was a most significant one, both for the Komárom venture and for our company. This construction project is another proof of our ability, together with our clients, to meet any challenge before us. By now Weinberg is noted amongst the foremost European building companies.
1 - Jozef Mlocek
Józef Mlocek, CEO of Alumetal Group Hungary Kft.
2 - Bodnar Sandor
Sándor Bodnár, Corporate Manager of Weinberg’ 93 Kft.
3 - Dr. Molnar Attila
Dr. Attila Molnár, Józef Mlocek, Sándor Bodnár, Dr. Csaba Kancz.
4 - A csarnokban hamarosan már a termeles
Production will start soon in this building.

The topping-out wreath signals that the building structure has been accomplished.
6 - A bokretaunnep vendegseggel zarult
A festive dinner was the last item of the topping-out ceremony.

A bird’s-eye view of the newly constructed Komárom plant.