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This construction does not involve cutting down trees: transplanted trees line Weinberg's upcoming office building

During the preparation of the new office building, the trees in the way were moved to their new place with a special machine.

Weinberg ’93 Kft. is building a new office building at its Sárospatak site. During the preparation of the investment, the company dealing with general construction and steel structure production paid special attention to the protection of the trees in the area affected by the intervention,

thus saving 25 old trees from being cut down.

The affected plants had been growing in the Weinberg nursery garden for 8 years when they were transplanted at the beginning of March 2022. The rescue of 25 pre-grown trees is a worthy reflection of the value of environmental awareness represented by the company.

Three-story office with a roof terrace and communal space

During the preparation of the new office building, the trees in the way were moved to their new habitat with a special machine designed for transplanting old trees: some of the transplanted trees found a new home in the car park created a few years ago, the rest were placed in the green area to be created after the concept designs were fixed.

Despite the severe drought, the trees were protected from drying out, thanks to continuous watering and care, all of them conceived. These will shade the parking lot of the new office building, which is currently under the design process.

With the construction of the new office building, the office staff will be expanded and new functions will be served,

and it will also be the first step in the creation of a knowledge center in Zemplén, which is among Weinberg's more distant goals.

The community space will be expanded, the building will also house a conference room, a training room and a company dining room. In addition to the above, a roof terrace will also be created.

The office is set up on 3 levels, with a gross floor area of 760 square meters per level. In addition, an 82 square meter terrace will be built for the dining room on the ground floor. The new building is expected to be handed over in 2024.

Concrete paving for storage and trial installation

The transplanting of the trees was not only necessary because of the office building being built; the former place of the plants was taken over by a new concrete paving area. The concrete paving, created in August, is a concreted picking and loading concreted area, which ensures the trial installation of large structures and the service of the increased production capacity.

The concrete pacement has a surface area of 4,462 square meters and is made of basalt concrete. It provides space for the storage of surplus finished products created through increasing production, and for trial installation.

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