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Weinberg ’93 Kft. operates its production plant using also alternative energy sources.

The company is installing solar panels at its Sárospatak site in two phases.

Weinberg ’93 Kft., which deals with general contracting and steel structure production, is well on its way to energy independence. The company based in Sárospatak plans for the long term and consciously builds alternative energy sources at its site.

It is important for Weinberg to provide energy also from an alternative source. Three main aspects determine the company's energy awareness: sustainability, energy price growth and environmental awareness.

With these in mind, they are installing solar panels in two phases in the production halls of their Sárospatak site.  

The solar panel system will be built on top of three halls

As part of the latest development, solar panels were put into operation on the roof of halls C and D - approximately 5,485 square meters - in August. The output of the solar panels is 490 kWp, which produce 563,500 kW of specific energy annually. (The kWp, i.e. the kilowattpeak, is a unit of measurement specifically used for solar panels - ed.)

As part of the second phase, solar panels will be placed on the roof of Hall E, and their commissioning is expected in March 2023. The solar panels to be placed on an area of approximately 2,710 square meters will be able to produce 220.5 kWp. The annual specific energy production of the solar panel system reaches 253,000 kW.

The solar panel system, which will be implemented in two phases, represents an investment of EUR 1 million for Weinberg, which is calculated to be recouped in three years.

Coordinating production and consumption is an important task

The annual energy demand of the production plant in Sárospatak is approximately 1,700,000 kW. The two systems will be able to produce a total of 816,500 kW of electricity. (The 816,500 kW of electricity can roughly cover the annual consumption of 323 families.)

However, this does not mean that Weinberg will be able to produce 40-45% of their needs, because production and consumption do not happen at the same time.

The coordination of production and consumption will be the most important task in the next period, in addition to saving. The amount that is not used is fed into the electricity network.

In addition to driving the operation of the Sárospatak site towards energy independence, the solar panel system also supports the growth of the Weinberg electric car fleet due to cheaper operation.

Weinberg does not only implement environmentally friendly solutions through solar panels within the company and production, they are constantly looking for alternative energy utilization opportunities. For example, data has been collected since 2017 for the utilization of wind energy adapted to production.


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