Közel negyed évszázados múltjával a Weinberg neve Magyarországon egyet jelent a magas fokú szakmai színvonallal és felkészültséggel. Egyensúlyt teremtünk régi és új, hagyomány és innováció között.
A folyamatos és stabil fejlődés mellett harmóniában élünk környezetünkkel. Ezt a harmóniát osztjuk meg ügyfeleinkkel és munkavállalóinkkal is.

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The steel structure of Weinberg also contributed to the iconic appearance of the Hungarian House of Music, now it has been recognized with an award

The work of Weinberg ’93 Kft. won the Steel Structure Award for achieving the organically waving shape of the building.

Our newspaper has reported on the new, iconic building of Budapest many times. It is no accident, since architect Sou Fujimoto dreamed of a modern, extravagant house as the home of music. The realization of the Hungarian House of Music is the result of a very complex work, the gathering point of the expertise of the Hungarian construction industry.

The building became an outstanding creation, but it is no secret that it posed great challenges to the builders, who, however, were able to meet them. Within the framework of the Liget Budapest project, the House of Hungarian Music was established by Magyar Építő Zrt. Óbuda-Újlak Zrt. and Főber Zrt. performed the operational and technical inspection tasks of the complex. The reinforced concrete structure is the work of Épszerk-Pannónia Invest, and the glass elements were manufactured by Orosházaglas Kft. The Hungarian design partner of Sou Fujimoto was M-Teampannon Kft.

The building has a number of form-breaking, unique details, one of the most spectacular of which is the organically waving, perforated roof structure and the glass walls surrounding the building as a huge curtain. The steel frame of the complex roof structure was made by Weinberg’93 Kft., which was recently recognized with a prestigious professional award.

The organically waving shape of the building is brought to life by the steel structure manufactured and assembled by Weinberg

On June 2, 2022, the MAGÉSZ (Hungarian Steel Structure Association) Steel Structure Conference was held in Dunaújváros, at which the Steel Structure Award of the year 2022 was presented.

The prize was awarded to Weinberg’93 Kft. and ARC-S Kft. by the Board of MAGÉSZ for the innovative technical solutions, high technical standard, quality and aesthetic requirements implemented during the "DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION OF STEEL STRUCTURES OF THE HOUSE OF HUNGARIAN MUSIC".

The House of Hungarian Music is an architectural masterpiece, which, with its wavng shape and perforated roof structure, provides a spectacle that is classified by the profession as the most special buildings, not only domestically, but also internationally.

The organically waving shape of the building is brought to life by the steel structure, which was manufactured and installed on site by the Sárospatak based Weinberg’93 Építő Kft.

State-of-the-art technology, professionalism and environmental awareness are the main features of Weinberg’93 Kft. The technical equipment of the more than 15,000 square meters of covered, craneed production area is excellently suited to the realization of the architectural ideas and expectations of the present and the future - it stands in the professional praise.

In 2019, the House of Hungarian Music was chosen as the “Best Public Building in the World” at the International Property Awards real estate professional competition in London according to its designs. In the same year, it also won the “Best International Public Building Award”.

In 2020, it received the main prize for "The World's Best Music-themed Development", and in 2022, it won the Grand Jury Prize at the world’s largest and most prestigious real estate trade show in Cannes.

The multi-award winning complex opened to the public in early 2022, so today every visitor can see for themselves the special solutions available at the Hungarian House of Music.

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